Christian Matteis on the advantages of hiring private jet charter services

Inc 500 Winner CEO Christian Matteis

Inc 500 Winner CEO Christian Matteis

CEO Christian Matteis of Universal Jet discusses the advantages of Private Jet Charter

Chartering an aircraft with Universal Jet offer customers the following advantages:

  • Lengthy waits or queuing for you, your family or business associates

  • All unnecessary delays at commercial airports leaving schedules undisrupted

  • All scrutiny at commercial airport or embarrassing security screening checkpoints

  • All strangers – you select the traveling companions you want

  • Shared catering and toilet facilities

You choose:

  • The jet you require, light to heavy private jets, luxurious to standard

  • Your exact departure time

  • the most convenient arrival time

  • the location that you want

  • The service levels you and your party require

You benefit from

  • Relaxed travel

  • The highest degree of air safety

  • A choice of pilots, cabin crew and staff

  • Excellent Catering and service facilities

  • Luxury and everything that you desire

  • Punctuality

Christian Matteis On The Convenience Of Private Jet Charter

Matteis Family honored with Park Named after them.

Christian Matteis of Universal Jet Charter

Christian Matteis on the Convenience of Private Jet Charter

Convenience, flexibility, and luxury are just some of the benefits travelers experience when chartering private aircraft. Unfortunately, commercial air travel has become increasingly troublesome in recent years due to extensive flight delays, lengthy security lines and cancelations, lost luggage, crowded terminals, and discontinued routes have only made commercial air travel even more uncomfortable. Attempting to catch a commercial flight these days usually means sacrificing an entire day. For many successful individuals and companies, losing a day in travel time is simply unacceptable, and it’s no longer the only option. Consider private jet travel for the continued success of your business. Universal Jet offers:

• Personal flight coordinators, who know your preferences, and are available 24/7
• Security, strategic planning, and certified security personnel are available on demand
• Convenient access to smaller airports closer to your final destination
• Detailed screening of all aircraft and pilots
• Customized charter flights that let you define the travel terms
• Broadband wireless internet access available on many aircraft
• Reductions in travel time by 50% or more
• Luggage loaded directly onto the aircraft in your view
• Flexible flight scheduling or re-scheduling at your discretion
• Personalized concierge and ground transportation services
• In-flight luxuries include spa treatments and massage
• Travel comfortably with your pets. You can even order special catering designed for pets!

Christian Matteis Of Universal Jet On Personal Private Jet Charter Benefits

Inc 500 Winner CEO Christian Matteis

Inc 500 Winner CEO Christian Matteis

Christian Matteis Of Universal Jet On Personal Private Jet Charter Benefits

A Private Jet is Comfortable, Spacious & Luxurious.

  • Travel Comfortably with Children & Pets
    With private jet charter, children are more comfortable, which means travel is easier. Travel time is shorter without the typical delays of commercial flights and kids have plenty of room to stretch out with toys or watch a movie. You won’t have to worry about your children disturbing other passengers either. Traveling with kids made easy.
  • Enjoy plenty of leg room, entertaining-space and sleeping quarters
    Know that you will have ample space on our private jets whether you want to entertain friends, watch a movie, take a nap, or just comfortably sit or stretch out for your flight. Get your family/friends to your destination in comfort and style.
  • Receive personal attention from our staff
    Want us to stock the bar? No problem. Make sure there are some kid movies on board? You got it. Need us to set up ground transportation and hotel accomodations? We will be happy to. Universal Jet caters to your every travel need.

Private Jet Travel Saves Time.

  • Eliminate wasted time at the airport
    If you charter a jet, often times you will be picked up from your home by a driver and dropped off at the door of your private jet after a hassle-free security check. The ease for you and your family/ friends of unloading your luggage and stepping right into your chartered jet saves you hours as compared to a commercial flight. You won’t miss the hassle of parking, checking in, waiting in security lines, getting to your gate, loading, preparing for take-off or the time wasted in the airport once you get to your destination. And you can say goodbye to getting bumped from overbooked-flights, flight delays, connecting flights and lost/damaged luggage. Your free time is valuable. Don’t waste your precious vacation time waiting in the airport.
  • Fly into an airport closer to your destination
    With access to over 3,500 private airports worldwide, you’re guaranteed to have access to the closest airport. Reduce ground travel time.

Private Jet Charter Offers Schedule Flexibility.

  • You schedule the date and time
    You pick the flight date and time that works best for you. Universal Jet gets you where you need to go when the timing is right for you.
  • Schedule a flight at a moment’s notice
    At Universal Jet, in most cases, we can schedule a charter flight on short notice to accommodate your schedule. Our representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to handle your air travel needs.

Air Charter is Convenient.

  • Forget the long wait times at the airport, hauling your luggage around, scheduling conflicts, cancelled flights and other hassles associated with commercial airlines. Just pull up to your private jet and hop in, Universal Jet will do the rest. Travel with ease in comfort and style with family and friends.

Halcyon Jets’ Mr. Cohen About Christian Matteis

Mr. Cohen:

Our President, Christian Matteis, has been in this business nearly a decade and I’m happy to say he really taught me the business. When I decided I wanted to start this company, he was the person I reached out to and he is truly one of the most knowledgeable minds in our business and our industry.

My expertise really lies on the corporate side of the business, I’m entrepreneurial by nature and I loved the private aviation business as a consumer, as somebody who was fortunate enough to fly private for a number of years before starting the business. I saw the opportunity that this is such a growing industry and wanted to jump in with both feet. From our staff of flight directors, we have some guys who have been in the business a number of years whom we’ve recruited from other companies. From the top down we have people with a lot of industry experience and then, of course, we have people with a lot of business experience and expertise as well.

Christian Matteis

Inc 500 Winner CEO Christian Matteis

Inc 500 Winner CEO Christian Matteis

“You have to continually remind yourself of the visual painting you see in your head.  I looked at where I wanted to be in ten years and what the company would look like.  You have to share that portrait with those around you so everyone can share that goal.”

Christian Matteis

Christian Matteis continues to lead the Private Jet Charter industry as CEO of UJET Charter

Inc 500 Winner CEO Christian Matteis

Inc 500 Winner CEO Christian Matteis

Christian Matteis continues to lead the Private Jet Charter industry as CEO of UJET Charter.

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